Hundreds of US Troops Join Inauguration Security Effort

The Pentagon has reportedly authorized hundreds of active-duty troops to support security measures for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

City two unnamed defense officials, Politico reported 750 active-duty personnel were deployed this week, including those who specialize in handling chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological, and explosive weapons, as well as ordnance disposal, and medical teams with trauma expertise.

The Department of Defense has also authorized active-duty personnel to coordinate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, medical authorities and management and support personnel, Politico reported.

Altogether, the Pentagon has authorized roughly 2,750 active-duty personnel to support the inauguration, though the bulk — about 2,000 — are for “ceremonial support,” such as the band, Politico reported.

In the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, there has been a massive show of force ahead of inauguration.

The active-duty teams will join the roughly 21,500 National Guardsmen already deployed to the region, a number that could swell to 25,000, with many protecting the Capitol, armed with weapons and riot gear, Politico reported.

“Multiple resources, including rotary wing and fighter aircraft, are always poised to intercept any aircraft that may pose a security issue in the area,” one official told Politico.