Latest US weapons shipment to Ukraine prompts warning from Russia

Biden announced US is sending Ukraine more weapons for the war

Kremlin says Biden is ‘diligently adding fuel to the fire’ by sending advanced rocket systems and munitions to Ukraine and is increasing the risk of a confrontation between U.S. and Russia

  • Russia is accusing President Joe Biden of ‘purposefully and diligently adding fuel to the fire’ of conflict in Ukraine by sending advanced rocket systems to Kyiv 
  • ‘The U.S. is obviously holding the line that it will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian,’ Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters Wednesday
  • White House officials said the weapons are only being sent after receiving ‘assurances’ from Ukraine that it will not use the missiles to strike inside Russia  
  • Biden said in an op-ed Tuesday night that he would be arming Ukraine with ‘more advanced rocket systems and munitions’ 
  • Comes on the eve of the announcement of the 11th package of security assistance for the war in Ukraine 
  • The use of the medium-range rocket systems will be restricted to be used only in Ukraine