As if living in Joe Biden’s America is not difficult enough with record high inflation, exploding gas prices, political targeting and prosecutions, and a completely dishonest legacy media, now scientists are warning of a solar apocalypse that will disable the internet for months.

Just the fact that they are talking like this has some wondering why is this information being released now? reported.

A groundbreaking mission by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (PSP) has successfully ventured through solar wind for the first time aiming to prevent people on earth being unable to get on the internet.

Scientists have issued warnings about the potential impact of a solar storm, commonly referred to as an “internet apocalypse,” which could strike within the next decade.

The spacecraft, which was launched five years ago, went on a remarkable journey which took it close to the sun’s surface, where solar wind is generated.

Solar wind consists of a continuous stream of charged particles emanating from the sun’s outermost atmosphere, known as the corona.

Despite the extreme conditions of intense heat and radiation, the Parker Solar Probe persevered to gather crucial insights into the workings of the sun.

Professor Stuart Bale, the lead author of the study and affiliated with California University in the United States, explained the significance of understanding solar wind.

He said: “Winds carry lots of information from the sun to Earth. So understanding the mechanism behind the sun’s wind is important for practical reasons on Earth.

“That’s going to affect our ability to understand how the sun releases energy and drives geomagnetic storms – which are a threat to our communication networks.”

Such an event could leave people without internet access for months or even years, rendering satellites and power lines useless.

Forbes has more on this threat on the internet.

Surging across the solar system from the sun, the solar wind carries charged particles that strike the planets, on Earth causing aurora, radio blackouts and, just occasionally, wreaking havoc with satellites and the electrical grid.

It waxes and wanes and, so far, has defied attempts to predict it—attempts that are getting ever more important as our technological society looks increasingly vulnerable to a once-in-a-century “black swan event” like a solar superstorm.

Such an event could destroy technology including satellites, internet cables, long-distance power lines and transformers.

And NBC local reported this on the threat of an internet apocalypse.

Scientists have warned one could strike in the next decade – sparking an ‘internet apocalypse.’

Radiation would leave people offline for months or even years – knocking out satellites and power lines.

Parker detected the wind in finer detail than ever before – revealing information that is lost as it exits the corona as a hail of photons and electrons.