Neoconservative ‘Never Trump’ leader Ben Shapiro is defending Wall Street’s massive land grab throughout middle America, ordering Republicans to bow to this evil globalist agenda in the name of serving the free market.

Shapiro gave his opinion on Twitter with regards to news that Blackrock, the world’s largest manager of assets, is scooping up homes throughout America. He believes that people’s concerns with this ongoing land grab are silly, and the corporate elite are right to dominate America with their massive wealth and influence.

“I see many people are enraged at Blackrock. Blackrock is buying homes from people willing to sell them. If you don’t like what they’re doing, target the loose governmental policy incentivizing this sort of investment,” Shapiro wrote in a tweet responding to a Wall Street Journal column.

The column describes how pension funds are gobbling up homes throughout America, perhaps gearing up for the next housing crisis fueled by mad money printing courtesy of the federal government. Shapiro is claiming that Americans have no choice but to submit.

“Blackrock isn’t going to stop investing in single-family homes because you’re mad on Twitter,” he wrote.

“If Blackrock is willing to take the risk of leveraging up to buy single-family housing at above-market prices, that their prerogative. So long as they own the downside risk,” Shapiro added.

Of course, Blackrock and other Wall Street monoliths understand that any risk they take in the markets will be backstopped by federal bailouts. This fact does not stop Shapiro from defending the economic status quo, however.

“And if you’re mad at Blackrock and want to artificially prevent them from buying single-family homes, I’d like for you to explain to those who currently own the homes why you’re taking money out of their pocket,” he said.

Shapiro’s tweets can be seen here:

This is far from the first time that Shapiro has shilled for the globalist status quo. He has fought to crush America First forces in the GOP for over a decade now.

Big League Politics reported on Shapiro’s anger with the little people rising up against the corporate elite in the Gamestop buying frenzy:

Neoconservative pundit Ben Shapiro is not enthusiastic about the wild GameStop trading that has been going on over the past couple days.

Shapiro went on his Twitter account to issue a rant in favor of the corporate elite and their rigged Wall Street Ponzi scheme. He wants all of the GameStop traders to stop their shenanigans and let the corporate elite recover.

“Much of the enthusiasm for the GameStop prank is rooted in a fundamental misconception that the stock market is merely a casino. This is untrue,” Shapiro wrote in a tweet.

He defended hedge funds for providing the “proper pricing of assets through aggregation of information, conveyed through transactions.” Shapiro believes that it is harmful to demonize these institutions.

“The GameStop guys believe the market is a casino…and that purely gaming the system is how they make their money. If we all believe that, nobody should invest in the stock market,” he wrote.

Shapiro noted that what the GameStop traders are doing is not illegal, but it betrays free market principles that always seem to favor the ultra rich and powerful.

“What the GameStop guys are doing isn’t illegal, because they’re not lying: they admit GameStop isn’t worth much, they’re just in it for the LOLs and the screwing of the hedge fund guys. Which does make this funny, but also reinforces untruths about the market generally,” he wrote.

“In other words, there is a reason #EatTheRich is trending. The motivating factor here isn’t really hedge fund corruption — if you’re worried about bailouts, as I am, you should be telling the government to stop bailing out financial firms. It’s pure dislike for hedge fund guys,” Shapiro added.

While Shapiro pushes populist conservatives to focus on stopping liberals because that is what his special interest masters want him to promote, Wall Street has consolidated power and lobbied for lockdown policies that have crippled small businesses and the American middle class.”

Shapiro is also a dogged opponent of former president Donald Trump. He is one of the most subversive interlopers, promoted incessantly by Mark Zuckerberg, out there working to make sure Republicans are ineffective.