A video uploaded to Instagram Thursday displayed a Pro-Palestinian heckler apparently mocking Republican Florida Rep. Brian Mast by asking what happened to his legs.

The video, which was shared by The Palestine News Network, appeared to show Mast being confronted by the heckler, who repeatedly asked the congressman what happened to his legs and whether “a red triangle go over your head.”

The red triangle, as one Twitter user observed, was a feature used in Hamas propaganda that shows up on the targets of the terrorist organization’s attacks.

In the video, Mast did not take the apparent heckler’s word lying down. “You want to know what happens when they [his mechanical legs] get stuck up somebody’s ass? You want to know?” the congressman could be heard retorting. “Oh, is that a homophobic comment?” the heckler apparently responded in the video. “It is a comment,” Mast could be heard saying.

A policeman then intervened by threatening to arrest the apparent heckler because he was impeding a member of Congress. The heckler threatened to sue the federal government over his arrest and could be heard telling the policeman that “the bottom of your chin looks like a butt, sir.”

“I will never bow to pro-Hamas sympathizers. I will always put America first. Today, tomorrow, and forever,” Mast tweeted Thursday.