The Jonestowning of America

Written by Sinaes

We are in the midst of 1978 Jonestown only it’s not a small clique of devotees with dreams of creating a socialist dystopia. The movement is now nationwide imposed by the heavy hand of government. We are hostages of the leftist doctrine of social justice in the congregation of woke.

To understand the parallels of the United States today and the People’s Temple of yesterday we need to examine that time in our history. A radical Social Justice movement under an influential figure in Jim Jones, thought by many of his followers to be a revolutionary who would create a socialist paradise where equality ruled the day. Only it wasn’t the equality we generally imagine when hearing that word. The equality of Jim Jones was the kind that members of the church were required to donate their personal property and wealth, after all, true equality could not exist if some people had more than others. Everyone was required to be equally poor. Except for Jones himself who was the sole benefactor of his donation program. Today’s movement is on a much larger scale. It involves all of America and the donation program is coming to you courtesy of the US government in the form of new or higher taxes. Taxes with cleverly veiled names like “unrealized gains”.  A property tax based on some imaginary scale dreamed up by some pencil-pushing leftist academic who likes to lambaste ivory towers while polishing his own to such a brilliant shine.

The parents of our last two generations made mistakes. Not the mistakes like telling your kid not to steal and one day you get a call from the local jail informing you that your son or daughter was arrested for shoplifting. These mistakes are on a much larger scale, and we are all facing the consequences of bad parenting along with too much influence from America’s education system. Too many parents dropped the ball. These generations of parents ushered in the era of “No Child Left Behind” where children were not expected to apply themselves, test scores became irrelevant, and no matter how badly a student performed they were pushed through the flailing education system with their peers. We saw the invention of ‘participation trophies” No matter how badly a student performed in organized sport or academic competition all were given a trophy. Winning lost its value and hard work that set one student apart from others became a waste of time. You see, everyone is equal. There are no ‘greaters’ in these generations and if they happen to be one of the greats, they were convinced that this was because they had some imaginary privilege in society that gave them an advantage.

This is the leftist brand of equality. The Jonestowning of America’s future. This is what brought us to where we are now, the redefining of equality.  We watched as the standards of education diminished. Every generation is taught less and less and new forms of Math like “common core” were introduced because 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 but whatever the student decides it should equal. Now with the introduction of Critical Race Theory into our schools who can say what the results will be of this next level of indoctrination. Our power is grounded in our history. History is the basis of all knowledge and when history is discarded or rewritten to appease the Jim Jones equality crowd, we end up making the same mistakes we should have learned from years ago.

Jim Jones coined the term “Rainbow Family” adopting several non-white children to fight “racism” and to save them from themselves. Similar to the left today who insist that minorities aren’t capable of using the internet or able to obtain an ID. They feel they must step up and take care of these minorities because they aren’t smart enough to do these things for themselves. In reality, this whole idea is racist. The leftist SJWs conceal their racism by convincing themselves and others that they are do-gooders determined to tip a scale that has always been skewed to favor minorities with programs like Affirmative action and various anti-discrimination laws that have been in place for decades to protect minorities from discrimination in all forms. Have you ever tried to go anywhere in the country without an ID? Banking, transportation, social welfare programs, filing taxes, etc. All of them require valid IDs. That doesn’t stop the democrats from gaslighting on a massive scale. We’re now expected to believe that minorities will never vote again if an ID requirement is attached to voting. I’m convinced that all this virtue signaling is done out of their own shame and guilt of how they really feel about minorities.

The end game for the left is the same socialist dystopia that Jim Jones created in Guyana. No personal property and regular everyday Joe’s have nothing of value because this new generation believes that every member of the generations before them set out with silver spoons hanging out of our mouths. The new communism will be different from every other communist rule that failed in the past because they know how to do it right this time. Here’s the kicker though…what the left doesn’t get is that nothing is going to change in the hierarchy of today’s society. The rich will keep their wealth while they continue to complain that the working class will not work for pennies. Insisting that they import foreign labor for jobs that “Americans won’t work” while paying nothing or next to nothing in taxes. The left is aligned with big corp now. They’re all standing around with their hands held out expecting the middle class to pay for it all while corporate America’s profits climb. Over the past 40 years, CEOs have seen a 1000% increase in income compared with 11.9% for the average worker or 278 times the average worker. ( Somehow this is our fault that corporate America doesn’t pay taxes or suffer any penalties for moving their industry out of the country.

It’s communism for us serfs, total freedom and wealth for those at the top. Never-ending cycle of poverty for us at the bottom and the left eats it up like cotton candy raining from the sky. The truth is what America really needs is a great clean-up. Imagined history and fake math should be removed from our educational system as well as the romanticizing of communism Along with everything else that doesn’t put our citizens at the front of the line.

Everyday Joe “Jim Jones” Biden adds a little more cyanide to the proverbial cauldron of Flavor-Aid with the help of democrat leaders and the corporate robber barons stirring the pot. All while GOP leaders spread magical fairy dust sedatives hoping that none will notice they are complicit. Within this cauldron is what remains of the 2nd Amendment, Freedom of speech, Due process, and the right of equal protection under the law. This is but a small sampling of what is at stake and only the beginning of what is to come. If they can shut us up, shut us down, imprison us, and disarm us they can take it all. They can burn the constitution and these days it seems we’re the only ones fighting to keep it.

Writers note…For reference, I used Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica write up’s on Jim Jones and a couple of documentaries available on YouTube other than the one link I have provided I would post links but the article is long enough and you can find them all by doing a simple google search  It took some time for me to get this into words and it’s not as short as what you are accustomed to but sometimes there’s more to be said than what will fit into a couple of paragraphs. I hope you enjoy it and as usual, your feedback is appreciated.