Aptly nicknamed the “Butch of Tehran,” Ebrahim Raisi did his part in creating a smoking hole on the side of a mountain on Sunday after his helicopter slammed into the ground. The crash, which likely occurred due to worsening weather and low visibility, took the lives of several other high-level Iranian figures, including the nation’s now-former foreign minister.

In an astonishing move, the White House offered “official condolences” for the dead mass murderer. When pressed on the matter, Kaine had this to say.

KAINE: Any death of a leader under these circumstances raises all kinds of challenges, including challenges that may lead to instability, and so I think it’s appropriate to reach out and express concern when something like this happens.

Hang on, let’s stop there. Is Kaine suggesting that Iran as currently constituted isn’t unstable? It’s a third-world, Islamist theocracy that funds terrorism across the Middle East and beyond. There could be no government in Iran and things would be better than they are now.

It may seem like a small thing, but Kaine’s words provide a window into how Democrats think of Iran. They do not see the oppression and violence perpetrated by its regime as a problem. Instead, they see Iran as a quasi-ally, and that is a testament to the moral rot of the Democratic Party.

Kaine was then asked about the families of those killed by Raisi and their recent criticisms of the Biden administration’s offering of condolences.

REPORTER: Some of the families who were killed, their loved ones who were killed during the recent uprising in Iran, they say it’s a slap in the face of those families.

KAINE: Look, you separate the office from the person when somebody who is head of state dies in a circumstance like this. I don’t think that an expression of sympathy is the wrong thing.

I’m sorry, what? You separate the office of a murderous dictator from the murderous dictator? Since when? I could make a Hitler comparison here to illustrate the absurdity of what Kaine just said, but that’s too easy. Instead, imagine it was Syrian President Bashir al-Assad who perished. Would Kaine or the White House be offering “sympathies” given their past positions on the Syrian government?

You can bet not, and there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Syrian regime and the Iranian regime. If anything, the former is preferable given women at least aren’t put to death for dancing there. The disparate treatment again points to the fact that the Democratic Party is in league with the Iranian terrorist regime.

The “office” held by Raisi was being the lapdog of the Mullahs. He was not a “president” in any real sense. Instead, he used what power he did have to further his genocidal ambitions. That Kaine couldn’t speak with moral clarity on the matter shows just how far down the rabbit hole he and his party members have gone.