What Happened This Week?

Sunday (12th)

America celebrated Easter in quarantine.  State governments shut down church service for millions because of the Chinese Virus.  Church goers have been fines for simply attending church in their vehicles and listening to sermons over the radio.  The Governor of Kentucky threatened to impose a mandatory quarantine fo church-goers; Rand Paul spoke up and cautioned the Governor to ‘take a step back’ for the threat.  A Mayor in Mississippi canceled fines to church attendees after the DOJ intervenes in Chinese Virus dispute.

After 300 employees tested positive for the Chinese Virus, Smithfield Foods closed their doors in Sioux Fall, SD.  The FBI nailed fraudsters who tried to scam California hospitals and sell them 39 Million masks.  There were never any masks.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson quickly recovered from the Chinese Virus.  He praised the NHS Staff who treated him.  Mark Cuban says he’s keeping the door open on a 3rd Party Presidential bid.

Monday (13th)

Deadly tornadoes ripped through the South and were responsible for 34 deaths.

This week has been particularly eye opening as liberal Governors across the United States have promised and fought to give Chinese Virus aid to illegals.  The Michigan Governor made headlines several times regarding her draconian restrictions.  A recall petition is currently underway.  It only took a few days for Bernie Sanders to get in line with the DNC and encore Joe Biden.

In an epic White House Press Conference, President Trump gave the Fake News Media the ultimate People’s Elbow.  The Fake News Media was pissed and President Trump happily defended the press conference.  Adam Schiff called for the Media to stop airing White House Briefings.  In a total flip flop, Dr. Fauci said America could return to a ‘real degree of normality’.  Dr. Fauci has been all over the place with he Chinese Virus.

Tuesday (14th)

After completely abandoning his own VP during the Primaries, Barry Obama finally and unenthusiastically endorsed Joe Biden.

It was revealed that John Brennan is the main focus of the Durham Investigations.  An FBI Intel analyst was dismissed and not prosecuted for possessing child porn.

President Trump hoses the World Health Organization and announced he would halt funding over their Chinese Virus debacle.  President Trump announced he was finalizing plans to reopen the US Economy.  Somehow, China thought it was a good idea to reopen Wuhan’s largest wet market– its the equivalent of 65 football fields!

Wednesday (15th)

Joint Chiefs Chairman says the US is checking claims that COVID-19 initially escaped from a Chinese lab.  After saying he would step down last year, Hunter Biden remains on the board of a Chinese private equity firm.  New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo sign executive state order mandating all to wear masks in public.

Millions of American’s received stimulus payments this week.  Here is how to check the status of yours.

Nancy Pelosi vowed to challenge President Trump on cutting funding for WHO.  Tank Abrams puts herself out there to be an ‘excellent running mate’ for Biden.  Ok…

Thursday (16th)

Another 5.25 million Americans filed for unemployment.

Americans across many states protested tyrannical state governments and their state lockdowns and orders.  Democrat Senators break with Dem leadership and called for immediate funding for Small Businesses.

President Trump unveiled guidelines to reopening the US economy.  Polls find Americans believe that the Fake News Media perpetuated fear and did not provide a ‘clear view’ of the Chinese Virus pandemic.  Mitt Romney was the only Republican not included on President Trump’s Coronavirus Group.

Joe Biden decided that reaching out to Trump voters was not a good idea.  Instead, he said Trump voters believe that ‘all Mexicans are rapists’.

Friday (17th)

Governor Cuomo said that New York would not reopen until August.  Las Vegas’s Independent Mayor called out the insanity of the Chinese Virus shutdowns and called for everything to be opened up immediately.  President Trump went on a gnarly tweet storm and savaged Democrats.  Trump called for the liberation of states.

Texas announced phased reopening of state

President Trump announced $19 Billion relief plan for US Farmers.

Saturday (18th)

John Solomon predicts Spygate indictment as early as this week.

President Trump turns up the heat on obstructionist Pelosi and her Small Business funding stonewalling.

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