Chicago Police Undergoing Special Training in Expectation of Chaos at Democrat National Convention This Summer

Everyone is expecting the Democrat national Convention this summer in Chicago to be a hot mess.

The Anti-Israel, Hamas supporting loons have made it clear that they are going to be there in full force. The climate change nuts will probably also be there to make themselves heard.

In advance of the event, the city’s police force is undergoing special training.

FOX News reports:

Chicago police undergoing special training for Democratic National Convention as city struggles with crime

Officers with the Chicago Police Department are undergoing two days of specialized training ahead of the Democratic National Convention in August.

While Chicago police have been undergoing training since March, officers this week will learn specialized tactics to handle assaults and attacks, the use of body shields, protecting the public and removing anyone who is injured.

All officers are undergoing some type of training for the August convention, but 2,500 officers will be taking “tier one training,” which is specifically deployed for more volatile incidents.

The Democratic National Convention will be held at Chicago’s United Center on Aug. 19-22 and is expected to draw an estimated 50,000 visitors and massive protests.

Police Superintendent Larry Snelling said his officers are fully prepared to handle crowds of protesters. He said they’ve also learned new ways to handle possible mass arrests.

Check out the clips below:

The radical left is going to turn the city into a circus and of course the Democrats at the convention will have nothing to say about it.