An Op-Ed By Sinaes

Imagine for a moment that a group of people wanted to seize all the power in the United States and they set about putting that plan into action during the summer of 2015.

The first thing this group did was propagandize the Media. These individuals funneled money into news organizations to read the scripts and push the narrative that at least half the population were evil boogie men, hell-bent on the destruction of every race and creed that was not like them. Despite the fact that these same people have lived harmoniously among each other for decades. They set about convincing the other vulnerable half of the country that you were the return of the 3rd Reich and they must do everything within their power to stop your evil. That your ultimate goal is a new wave all-white utopia where only you and your kind exist.  Imagine them in cahoots with government forces pushing laws that made the propagandizing of the American public perfectly legal on American soil. A piece of legislation called the Smith-Mundt Act that flew under the radar of most Americans. After all, who would believe at the time that their ultimate goal was to spend the following years demonizing working-class Americans?

The next step of their plan was easily carried out as elements of this group controlled the levers of power of all things interweb. They then proceeded to demand that comment sections be shut down because of “rampant racism and vile white supremacy” Hosting services were pulled from those who refused to bend the knee. Influential people were un-personed and villainized Shuttered into the bowels of history. The conglomerate corralled the conversation to Social media empires where communication among people was regulated, fact-checked and filtered to the narrative of the return of Hitleresque 1939 Germany  People like you and I and people on the opposite side of the political spectrum had their connections destroyed and the only voice left in the room was a one-sided exchange of people of the same ideas. They morphed speech that they hate into hate speech.  It’s of little wonder why certain elements in the country are convinced they are the majority. It’s often the only voice they ever hear in the echo chamber of which they dwell.

Finally, in order to completely and totally gain control of the population, they needed something live that would prevent people from gathering and communicating with one another. Without this, the first two steps of their plan would not come to fruition so they set about unleashing a virus that demanded people “social distance” so they stopped the conversations at in-person gatherings. No communication in the workplace, not in the churches or the synagogues as all were shut down.  They shuttered small businesses and ushered in a period of mass profits for those at the very top of the chain. Anyone who refused to follow these guidelines was fined or ridiculed. Accused of killing grandma and putting others in danger. While some leaders sent sick patients with a highly contagious illness to living centers where the most vulnerable of today’s society reside effectively genociding a large portion of our aging society. During this time we witnessed many leaders dining out and vacationing while they told us it was strictly prohibited They propped up a Doctor who changes his medical opinion as often as I change my socks and shamed all who question his wavering professional ever-changing opinions. Qualified medical doctors were silenced and banned from having a voice for expressing medical opinions that dared to stray from the fold. With this final step, they seized control of your movements. Many people lost their lives and died alone in hospitals in the name of stopping a virus that effectively gave these individuals everything they wanted.

I’m not sure the direction we are being steered to now but I have my doubts about the safety of these vaccines that at least half the population are bragging about getting and wearing it like it’s some type of badge. I don’t believe this will ever stop but one thing I am sure of is that we will never be the same people again. I’ve often made the argument that automation is not something that could ever be successful in the United States because robots do not consume but what if that’s no longer important? What if the ultimate goal is depopulation? The real virus that everyone should be trying to cure now is finding out just who is responsible for this catastrophe.