Thousands of bikers heading to South Dakota rally to be blocked at tribal land checkpoints

  • Native American tribes have set up checkpoints to block thousands of bikers attending the 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota from entering tribal lands
  • The Cheyenne River Sioux announced Saturday the checkpoints would be set up as a part of the tribe’s larger COVID-19 prevention policy to prevent a potential outbreak
  • Only commercial and emergency vehicles will be let through the checkpoints onto reservation land 
  • Officials say a number of bikers have already tried to enter the land but were turned away
  • Those checkpoints were set up during pandemic to prevent people from entering tribal land to block virus 
  • The 80-tradition motorcycle rally anticipates 250,000 attendees and revelers have been seen maskless and ignoring social distancing so far 
  • In South Dakota there are 9,477 COVID-19 cases, 146 deaths, and 48 hospitalizations

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